Infinite Possibilities Arising from One Sheet of Steel
World-Class Quality Craftsmanship leads the Future

Komatsu Shearing was established in 1969 by Fuji Iron & Steel (current NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION) and Komatsu as the largest thick plate processing center in the Hokuriku region.

Our mission is to put customer’s image into concrete shapes by utilizing a wide variety of facilities and techniques for bending, drilling and welding of thick plates. With a one-stop service from cutting to processing, quick delivery of diverse products is being achieved.

As a member of the NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION group, the No.1 steel manufacturer currently in the world in terms of comprehensive strength, Komatsu Shearing procures high-quality metal sheet stably to respond to demanding requirements including technical supports. We expand our network not only in Hokuriku but also to other regions.

Based on the practical experience and knowhow accumulated in manufacturing Komatsu construction machines’ components, Komatsu Shearing is determined to pursue the challenge continuously to be a company trusted by customers through a new value created by making full use of cutting-edge technology.

  • CUT
  • BEND
  • WELD


: Satisfying diverse cutting requirements with our gas and laser cutting machines

A total of 6 units NC gas cutting machines for cutting max. 100mm-thick sheets, with max. 25 torches implemented. 10 units laser cutting machines are also supportive. Plus, in addition to 5 units high-power (6kW) laser machine, 3 units twin-torch laser machines, specifying peculiar installations in Japan ONLY at Komatsu are ready to meet high accuracy and high production requirements.


: Proudly being confident in craftsmanship to perform beveling through drilling

Komatsu Shearing has firm confidence in processing technique from beveling through drilling. For drilling, a 5-axis machining center plays an active role. Multi-axes drilling can handle large-size products. A machining center with a pallet changer is also employed for efficient production and a horizontal boring machining center can also exert great power.


: 2500-ton hydraulic press for flexible bending of any type iron plates

The 2500-ton hydraulic press is the largest alongside the Sea of Japan for large-load bending, a brake press and a roll bender are for flexible bending of any type iron materials. A 2500-ton hydraulic press currently operating in Nomi Plant is compatible with processing iron plates (max. 2m x 6m) and a max. 500-ton roll bender is also for cylindrical bending.


: A latest robot for accurate and quick welding

Komatsu Shearing features three most up-to-date robots for welding under the optimum conditions by means of a slider and a large-size positioner. The improved weaving frequency enlarges the movable range and enhances accuracy. Application of large-current welding contributes to a larger welding amount and a quicker task than before.


  • Completion of Making Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd. a Subsidiary of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

    March 13, 2017, Nippon Steel & Sumitoto Metal Corporation ("NSSMC") completed making Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd. ("Nisshin Steel") a subsidiary of NSSMC, and both companies announced the following joint statement.
    <NSSMC and Nisshin Steel's Joint Statement>